Ep # 37 – Fulfilled

So, who releases a book during a pandemic?

Owners of Chico, CA marketing and advertising agency Half a Bubble Out, Michael & Kathryn Redman! In fact, they mention that the timing of the release of their new book “Fulfilled” was actually GOOD timing because whether you are coming out of this COVID-19 pandemic needing to re-build your business, build a new business, or you have completely pivoted and starting something else, this is the kind of book that can give you ways to do that, that are meaningful and helpful.

We invite you to listen in as Katy Thoma, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber, enjoys a “social distance” interview with Michael and Kathryn Redman about their newly released book, Fulfilled, The Passion & Provision Strategy For Building Business with Profit Purpose & Legacy.

You may agree, the timing could possibly not be any better…

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