Ep # 30 – Chico Start – A Discussion with Wendy Porter and Tim Sharkey

In this episode we talk local tech with Wendy Porter and Tim Sharkey representing our local startup incubator and entrepreneurial hub, Chicostart. Wendy is the Managing Director of Chicostart and Tim is charge of Business Development and Operations.  The conversation revolves around the impact Chicostart has in the community since 2013, supporting entrepreneurs and startups by providing shared office amenities, mentoring, workshops, internships, tech talks, student to business projects, entrepreneurial events, think tanks, satellite office programs and anything else that helps their core mission of helping startups succeed.  We also learn about a few different programs Chicostart manages, such as growTECH and a nationwide program called 1 Million Cups hosted weekly here right in Chico!

Ep 29 – Jolene Francis – Special Report Camp Fire – Taking Responsibility for Chico’s Future

In 2018 the Chico Chamber Special Report started the conversation in the areas of public safety needs, and “paving a way to solutions” for our local roads. 

The latest addition to the story of the Chamber’s Community Vision is the Chamber’s 2019 Special Report.  Since the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise that took place November 8th, our community instantly changed and within hours housing, our local workforce, roads and public safety were even more dramatically impacted and continue to be of huge concern. 

In this episode,we have a candid conversation about this newly released report with Jolene Francis, Director of Advancement & Communications at Enloe Medical center our Chico Chamber Board of Directors Chair Elect and Chair for the Task Force n City Revenues and Expenditures. If you haven’t read the Special Report  go to www.chicochmber.com and you will find the history of the Community Vision and the 2018 and 2019 Special Report on our publications page.

Ep 28 – State of the City – 2019

Friday, February 15th we co-hosted the 2019 Business Summit & State of the City Address with the City of Chico. The Chico Chamber of Commerce released the 2019 Special Report Camp Fire from the Task Force on City Revenues & Expenditures, calling the City of Chico and community to continue to action around exploring a revenue measure to meet immediate community needs like housing solutions for creating more longtime housing availability, roadway improvements by dramatically increasing road funding, and a reduction in crime by funding a proactive policing model. 

The Chamber’s goal is to make Chico the safest, most premier, vibrant city in the North State. The 2019 Special Report can be found atwww.chicochamber.com.

Ep # 27 – “Love, Warriors, and Healers” – Camp Fire Recovery Conversation with Alexa Benson –Valvanis, North Valley Community Foundation

November 8th the Paradise community experienced the worst fire disaster in the history of California. With that, surrounding Butte County communities have also been impacted by this horrific event. We wanted to sit down with Alexa Benson-Valavanis, President & CEO of the North Valley Community Foundation here in Chico to learn more about how she and her team sprang into action by very quickly creating the Camp Fire Recovery Fund.

We began by getting to know a little more about Alexa and the history of the foundation followed by an in depth conversation about the Camp Fire Recovery Fund, NorCal Recovery Fund partnership with Aaron Rogers and how these efforts were successfully planned out and executed through NVCF by Alexa and her extraordinary staff. According to Alexa, it takes “Love, Warriors and Healers”.

Ep # 26 – Katie’s Leadership Style and Her Philosophy

Katie continues her conversation with Rick Nielsen on her leadership style and philosophy. Listen to this short Q&A for additional insights in the work of leading an organization and growing as a leader.

Ep # 25 – A Look Back with Katie Simmons – President & CEO, Chico Chamber

Our President & CEO, Katie Simmons has been leading the Chico Chamber organization for 7 years so we wanted to take a look back with Katie to learn what the Community Vision means now after a few years after its inception, what initiatives she is most proud of during her time, and more!

Episode # 24 – The 2018 Chico City Council Candidate Forum

The Chico Chamber of Commerce hosted over 200 community members at the 2018 Chico City Council Candidate Forum Wednesday, September 5, 2018, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the Chico Area Recreation District (CARD) Community Center located at 545 Vallombrosa Avenue in Chico. Candidates in attendance were: Alex Brown, Andrew Coolidge, Matt Gallaway, Scott Huber, Rich Ober, Ken Rensink, Kasey Reynolds and Jon Scott.

The Candidate Forum provided an important opportunity to hear each candidate’s position on the City’s top priorities. There was a question and answer period, moderated by Katie Simmons, President & CEO, Chico Chamber and Anastacia Snyder, Chico Chamber Chair of the Board.  For more information about  how Council candidates plan to address top issues, read the 2018 Election Guide by visiting www.chicochamber.com.

Ep 22 – YPO – Valerie Reddemann – The Value (And Downside) of a Purpose Driven Business” 

Chico Chamber YPO recently hosts speaker local entrepreneur Valerie Reddemann!  With 20 years’ experience, Valerie is Principal at Hero CMO, a coaching and consultancy firm focuses on helping organizations stand out from the competition through purpose-based messaging and marketing.

Research proves purpose driven organizations have happier and more motivated employees, build a more loyal customer base and, as a result, thrive. But living your purpose isn’t always easy. Valerie shared her experience as both a founder and now consultant to organizations who choose to create value much larger than the organization itself.

Her company motto is “When you break from the crowd, people will stare. Let’s make it worth their while.”

Ep 21 – YPO Dr Samia Yaqub – Start Here Go Anywhere – The Role of Butte College in our Local Communities

Chico Chamber Young Professionals Organization Leadership Luncheon

Dr. Samia Yaqub, Superintendent/President, Butte-Glenn Community College

Recently, our Chico Chamber Young Professionals had the pleasure of engaging with Dr. Samia Yaqub, Superintendent/President, Butte-Glenn Community College. Dr. Yaqub tells her fascinating journey from California to Beirut with her family and back again (with some pit stops) to California where her journey led her to her prominent position at Butte College.  Butte college just  turned 50 and has some exciting opportunities for our local communities such as the Promise Program. For more information about Butte College visitwww.butte.edu.

Thank you!

Ep # 20 Josh Pitts – Downtown Chico Ambassadors

We sat down with Josh Pitts, Operations Manager for the Downtown Chico Ambassadors to learn more about this recently developed program possible through a Property Based Improvement District.  Downtown Ambassadors provide hospitality, clean and safe services for Downtown Chico. Ambassadors also offer guest services, courtesy escorts for visitors and employees, along with outreach to enhance the overall experience of being downtown. For more, listen in to the conversation!

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