Ep # 39 – Catalyst – A Zoom Audio Interview with Katy Thoma and Anastacia Snyder

Katy Thoma, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber interviews Anastacia Snyder, Executive Director of Catalyst Domestic Violence Services about their programs and services. Anastacia also talks about how COVID-19 affected those survivors sheltering in place and any safety planning strategies to keep their employees and businesses safe.

Ep # 40 – Matson and Isom – A Zoom Audio Interview with Katy Thoma and Tyler Smith

Katy Thoma, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber interviews Tyler Smith, CEO & Partner of local company Matson & Isom Technology Consulting about the challenges of having a hybrid of staff working remote and staff in the office. MITCS also offers technology support and training through their ClearIT Partner Program.

Ep # 38 – The Terraces – A Zoom Audio Interview with Katy Thoma and Brad Azevedo

Katy Thoma, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber interviews Brad Azevedo, Executive Director, The Terraces of Chico our Chamber partner and senior living community here in Chico. Brad shares how The Terraces community and staff (the heroes) have had to adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ep # 37 – Fulfilled

So, who releases a book during a pandemic?

Owners of Chico, CA marketing and advertising agency Half a Bubble Out, Michael & Kathryn Redman! In fact, they mention that the timing of the release of their new book “Fulfilled” was actually GOOD timing because whether you are coming out of this COVID-19 pandemic needing to re-build your business, build a new business, or you have completely pivoted and starting something else, this is the kind of book that can give you ways to do that, that are meaningful and helpful.

We invite you to listen in as Katy Thoma, President & CEO of the Chico Chamber, enjoys a “social distance” interview with Michael and Kathryn Redman about their newly released book, Fulfilled, The Passion & Provision Strategy For Building Business with Profit Purpose & Legacy.

You may agree, the timing could possibly not be any better…

Ep # 36 – “Every Chico Business is Essential”, Zoom Interview with Chris Constantin, Assistant City Manager, City of Chico

Our City of Chico Assistant City Manager, Chris Constantin joined Katy Thoma for a one on one Zoom interview. Chris is the key City of Chico contact to assist businesses on the City’s behalf. The City considers every Chico business as essential which is why they are focusing on reducing COVID-19 exposure. We thank Chris for his time and hope you take minute to listen to their conversation.

Ep # 35 – Dr. Gayle E. Hutchinson, President California State University, Chico

Chico Chamber President & CEO, Katy Thoma got to share a few moments with Dr. Gayle E. Hutchinson, President, of California State University Chico.

In this podcast you will hear Gayle talk about Chico State’s Master Plan and the 3 priorities of their Strategic Plan: Equity, diversity and inclusion, Civic and Global Engagement and Resilient and Sustainable systems.

The real treat was to learn more of Gayle’s story, why she loves being back in Chico and yes, the best part, her love for SURFING!

Ep # 34 – Chico Business Summit 2020!

The Chico Chamber and City of Chico co-hosted the 2020 Business Summit & State of the City Address Friday, January 24, 2020.

In this podcast you will hear the State of the City Address by Chico Mayor, Randall Stone

Chico City Manager, Mark Orme and City of Chico Public Works Director, Brendan Ottoboni addressing sale tax measure, roads and housing, and Mark Francis, President & CEO of Golden Valley Bank presenting the Chico Economic Snapshot.

Jolene Francis, Chair of the Chico Chamber Board of Directors, also notes the top concerns noted in the just released Chico Chamber 2020 Special Report.


Ep # 33 Matt York – How to be a “Philanthropreneuer”

November was the last Leadership Luncheon of the year for our Chico Chamber Young Professionals Organization with featured speaker, Matt York Executive Director of OMPT, One Mobile Projector Per Trainer. Branching out of his other company Videomaker Inc. in 2008, Matt founded OMPT because of his genuine passion to make a difference in the developing world by bringing change through video.  Since then, Matt has been able to harness over two decades of expertise in the video consumer electronics industry to grow OMPT from an idea to a thriving nonprofit organization.

Matt introduces our local young professionals to the word “PHILANTHROPRENUER” a word blended with philanthropy and entrepreneur. Combining impressive business acumen with a passion to make a difference, Matt York walks the walk as an avid philantropreneur in the Chico community. Listen as he talks about his background and his six steps for combining philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.   

Ep # 32 – Chief of Police Michael O’Brien and Chamber CEO Katy Thoma

As you can imagine being a Chief of Police leaves little time for sitting down. But our CEO & President Katy Thoma managed sit down with Chico Chief of Police Michael O’Brien to catch up on how his department is fairing and how the community is fairing post Camp Fire.

He adds that in the future, the department will be implementing some additional technology to help with the community’s needs when it comes to public safety.  Lastly, they touch on the Retail Watch Program and how important it is for our local retailers to prevent, report and prosecute. 

Ep 31 – YPO – HaBO – Michael and Kathryn Redman

Kathryn & Michael Redman, owners of local business Half a Bubble Out & HABO Village were recent guest speakers at the May Chico Chamber YPO Leadership Luncheon.

According to Kathryn and Michael, the primary job of any leader is to Empower & Protect.  

  • Empower – giving your staff everything they need to be successful.
  • Protect – making sure there are no adverse influences from the inside or outside to keep your people from being successful.  

Listen in for more as they also engage our YP’s in a conversation about passion and provision.

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